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Are you struggling with an addiction to sex?

Do you feel that your life is spiraling out of your control?

Are you worried about losing your loved ones or your sanity?

If this is you then we can help.

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8O% of people seeking treatment for sex addiction are men.
Male sex addicts tend to focus on sexual objectification, through
pornography, prostitution, voyeurism and anonymous sex.


2O% of people seeking treatment f or sex addiction are women.
Female sex addicts often use sex for power, through pain-exchange
sex, role play and fantasy, seduction and trading sex.

What is sex addiction?

Sex addiction or hypersexuality is compulsive participation in sexual activity, or put simply any sexual activity that feels ‘out of your control’. Sex addiction can take many different forms, including, but not limited to; compulsive masturbation, watching large amounts of pornography and soliciting prostitution.
For sex addicts, these compulsions and urges can have catastrophic effects on their home lives, families, partners and careers.

How do I know if I am a Sex addict?

Unlike healthy sex, addicts often use sex or compulsive masturbation as a means of:
–  Coping
–  Dealing with stressful situations
–  Tackling anxiety or boredom
And in some cases, it can make the addict feel more powerful.


Behaviours of a sex addict:

In his book, ‘Out of the shadows’, Dr. Patrick Carnes Ph.D, helps to define sexual addictive behaviour. Carnes writes that sexual addiction is often found in one or more of the following 3 categories;

Secretive: The most common of the three categories, is when an addict keeps his or her activities completely separate from their everyday lives. The addict will often find themselves completely wrapped up in lies and manipulations. In many cases they feel their behaviour is justified and are lying to those they are close with and to themselves.

Shameful: This is when the addict feels an inner sense of worthlessness and will often spend a huge amount of time and money soliciting sex in order to feel worthy.

Abusive: This can range from voyeurism to rape. With abusive addicts it is often the case that there is a history of violent behaviour and acting out.

People Suffering from Sex Addiction (Hypersexuality) May Engage In:

Pornography, Having sex with prostitutes, Sadistic or masochistic behaviour, Compulsive masturbation or fantasy, Having sex with strangers, Compulsive heterosexual or homosexual relationships, Exhibitionism and voyeurism, Sexual Urges, Obsession, Denial.

Sex Addiction Is A Coping Mechanism, a Way to Manage Unwanted Feelings.

50% have mental health problems, 38% have experienced emotional abuse, 17% have experienced sexual abuse, 16% have experienced physical abuse, 46% have recently lost an important relationship, 27 % reported sexual dysfunctions, 20% have strong suicidal thoughts.

Up to 1 in 25 People Suffer from Sex Addiction

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